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Shigeo Shingo - 新郷重夫 - しげおしんご


Shigeo Shingo Japanese Wikipedia entry

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新郷重夫(しんごう しげお、Shigeo Shingo、1909年(明治42年) - 1990年(平成2年))は日本の技術者。特に品質工学分野において功績を残している。日本国内よりも海外、特にアメリカで高い評価を受けている。今日でも、新郷の著作はアメリカを中心に多数出版されている。


Shigeo Shingo (year, 1909, Shigeo Shingo, Shigeo Shingo) 1909 (1990 -) 1990 () is the Japanese engineers. Have left the achievements in the field of quality engineering in particular. Abroad, has received high praise, especially in the United States than in Japan. Even today, Xinxiang copyright has been well published primarily in the U.S..


Is also known that leave the basic concepts, such as (SMED) to change single setup error proofing and mold, their work has been published today.

彼の功績を称え、ユタ州立大学(Utah State University)を中心に設立された新郷賞(The Shingo Prize)は、「製造業のノーベル賞」とも称される。

His honor, Xinxiang award was established in the center (Utah State University) at Utah State University (The Shingo Prize) is also referred to as "Nobel Prize of manufacturing".

経歴    Career       [編集]  Edit


Born in Saga City, Saga Prefecture, January 08, 1909. After graduating from the (now Yamanashi University), took a job as an engineer in the railway shop in Taipei in 1930, casting Yamanashi Industrial College (1930). During the war was carried out quality control in the manufacture of torpedoes.


To enter Japan Management Association in 1945 after the end of the war (1945), would be involved in the business consultant to the manufacturing industry began to improve the quality of companies involved in the Toyo Steel Corporation, Hitachi, Ltd., and Furukawa Electric. During this time, the setup in a single setup is an element of that obtained the idea of collaboration with Toyo Steel Corporation in the basic concepts of set-up outside


At the request of Toyota Motor Corporation in 1954 (1954), been asked to conduct training to workers in the production technology of Toyota Industries, Inc. 300 companies per year from 1955 to (1955) training was carried out to 2,000 people, including humans.


Independent retired from the Japan Management Association 1959 (1959). And consulting through to the Matsushita Electric Industrial Co., Ltd., to think about quality assurance inspection is only to be inadequate, we constructed a basic idea of error-proofing 1967 (1967) after independence.


In consulting with Toyota Motor Corporation, was introduced for the first time a single set-up to 1969 (1969). This achievement is honored, the workplace has also spread to foreign countries entered in 1970. Also been published numerous books, they were also translated into each language version.

1988年(昭和63年)功績を称える意味から新郷賞(The Shingo Prize)がアメリカのユタ州立大学によって設立された。その時同大名誉博士号(マネジメント)を授与された[1]。

(The Shingo Prize) has been established by Utah State University of America award in honor of the achievements from the meaning Xinxiang (1988) 1988. Was awarded the (management) Why do not honorary doctorate at that time [1].

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