Monday, June 4, 2012

Questions - Japanese

Donoyouni?     How?   どのように
Nani?       What?   何 (なに)( 何 Kanji character)
Naze?        Why?   なぜ
Itsu?                 When?   いつ
Doko?       Where?  どこ
Dare?       Who?    だれ
Dore?       Which?  どれ
Dono?        Whch? どの

kore wa nani?   What is this?

これ ゎ 何?

("kore" is used for some thing near to the speaker)

Naze ikenai no? Why not?
なぜ  いけない  の

sore wa doko? Where is that?

それ ゎ どこ

 Dono hi?  Which date?
どの日   (日  kanji)

Itus kara?  From when?

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