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Japanese Kanji Characters - Grade 4

Readings to be added

Grade4 kanji. There are 200 kanji characters that are taught in grade 4 at Japanese schools. In the link below, you will find a complete list of all the characters. Just click on the kanji character you want to learn and you will be taken to an in-depth lesson that will break down the character and explain how to write it.
Use   Japanese English Dictionary  for more information on words having the letter.

愛 love -ai,  ito, kokoro,

Words having the letter
Reading -  Meaning
aijou - love, affection  in the dictionary it is given as Aijaku
aikokushin - patriotism
aijin  -   lover
renai    -  romance

案 proposal -

以 by means of -
衣 garment -
位 rank -
囲 to enclose -
胃 stomach -
印 mark -
英 distinguished -
栄 to flourish -
塩 salt -
億 hundred million -

加 to add -
果 fruit -
貨 money -
課 section -
芽 bud -
改 to reform -
械 mechanical contrivance -

害 to harm -
街 city quarter -
各 each -
覚 to remember -
完 to complete -
官 government -
管 pipe -
関 to concern -
観 to view -
願 to wish -

希 rare -
季 season -
紀 era -
喜 happy -

旗 flag -
器 vessel -
機 machine -
議 to discuss -
求 to seek -
泣 to cry -
救 to save -
給 to supply -
挙 to nominate -

漁 to fish -
共 joint -
協 to cooperate -

鏡 mirror -
競 to complete -
極 extreme -
訓 to instruct -
軍 army -
郡 county -
径 path -
型 type -
景 scene -
芸 art -
欠 to lack -
結 to lie -
建 to build -
健 to robust -
験 to test -



Readings to be added

固 solid
功 merit
好 to like
候 season
航 to navigate
康 healthy
告 to notify
差 difference
菜 vegetable
最 most
材 timber
昨 yesterday
札 tag
刷 to print
殺 to kill
察 to inspect
参 to participate
産 to give birth
散 to scatter
残 to remain
士 military man
氏 courtesy title
史 history
司 to officiate
試 to try
児 child
治 to govern
辞 word
失 to lose
借 to borrow
種 variety
周 periphery
祝 to celebrate
順 order
初 first
松 pine
笑 to laugh
唱 to sing
焼 to burn
象 phenomenon
照 to illuminate
賞 prize
臣 retainer
信 to believe
成 form
省 ministry
清 clear
静 quiet
席 seat
積 to accumulate
折 to break off
節 joint
説 to explain
浅 shallow
戦 war
選 to choose
然 suffix for forming 

争 to contend
倉 storehouse
巣 nest
束 to tie up
側 side
続 to continue
卒 to graduate
孫 grandchild
帯 belt
隊 party
達 to attain
単 single
置 to place



仲 personal relations
貯 to lay up
兆 omen
腸 intestines
低 low
底 bottom
停 to halt
的 target
典 standart work
伝 to transmit
徒 follower
努 to exert
灯 lamp
堂 hall
働 to work
特 special
得 to acquire
毒 poison
熱 hot
念 thoughts
敗 to be defeated
梅 Japanese apricot
博 extensive、doctor
飯 cooked rice
飛 to fly
費 expense
必 without fail
票 to vote
標 mark
不 not
夫 husband
付 to attach
府 urban prefecture
副 secondary
粉 powder
兵 soldier
別 separate
辺 vicinity
変 to change
便 convenient
包 to wrap
法 law
望 to hope
牧 pasture
末 last part
満 full
未 not yet
脈 vein
民 people
無 without
約 promise
勇 brave
要 important
養 to foster
浴 to bathe
利 advantage
陸 land
良 good
料 fee
量 quantity
輪 wheel
類 kind
令 command
冷 cold
例 example
歴 personal history
連 to link
老 old
労 labour
録 to record



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