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Reading and Writing Telugu Letters and Words - YouTube Videos

In the first column each vowel is presented. The second column shows the letter "క (ka) " with vowel added.  The third and fourth columns show the pronounciation of the vowel in two formats.

Vowels -  Vowels as attached
                 to a consonant

a ka a /a/
aa కా ā /aː/      kaa  as in "ca"ll
e కి i /i/ ki as in "ki"ng
ee కీ ī /iː/         kee   as i "key"
u కు u /u/ ku as in "pu"t
uu కూ ū /uː/      kuu   as in "coo"l
aru కృ /ru/ kru as in "cru"el
aruu కౄ r̥̄ /ruː/
alu కౢ
aluu కౣ l̥̄
a కె e /e/
ae కే ē /eː/
ai కై ai /aj/
o కొ o /o/
oo కో ō /oː/
au కౌ au /aw/
అం um కం
అః aha కః

See the video and observe the pronounciation of letter ka with various vowels and how to write the letters.



Character ISO IPA
k /k/
kh /kʰ/
g /ɡ/
gh /ɡʱ/
  c /tʃ/
ch /tʃʰ/
j /dʒ/
jh /dʒʱ/
ñ /ɲ/
ట               /ʈ/
ṭh /ʈʰ/
ḍh /ɖʱ/
t /t/
th /tʰ/
d /d/
  dh /dʱ/
n /n/
p /p/
ph /pʰ/
b /b/
bh /bʱ/
m /m/
y /j/
r /r/
l /l/
v /ʋ/
ś /ʃ/
s /s/
h /h/

__________________ __________________

Vattulu - Symbols for various letters to use in combined letters


 __________________ ___________________

 ___________________ ___________________

Telugu Gunintalu - Form of each consonant with the addition of different vowels.



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