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Chinese Characters and Vocabulary a - b

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阿  ā  It is a prefix

阿爸 ā bà father

阿弟 ā dì the younger brother

阿奶   ā 'nǎi    granny

啊 ā  particle
啊哈 ā hā  oh! ah well

哎 āi  exclamation
哎呀 āi yā  oh, oho

愛 ài

安 ān  peaceful quiet

安定 ān dìng  - stable;quiet;settled

安顿 ( 安頓 ) ān dùn - help settle down;arnange for

安放 ān fàng - put in a certain place;put in a safe place


八  ba  eight

八倍 bā bèi    eight times;octuple

八成 bā chéng  -  eighty percent
八德 bā dé -  eight virtues

把  bǎ  preposition

把柄 bǎ bǐng  - handle

爸  ba  -  dad, father

阿爸 ā bà  - father

吧 ba
吧女  bā nǚ  bar girl, bar waitress
吧台 bā tái  bar counter

白  bái 
明白 míng bai  sensible
明白人 míng bai rén  sensible person     


Use Chinese character dictionary for identifying chinese characters and more words using the character. 

Use in alphabetical order to find characters. 

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