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Russian Alphabet - Youtube Videos

Source for the image: Russian language - Grammar: the cyrillic alphabet by Alberto Auné

Identify letters similar to English and pronounced exactly in the same manner as English


Identify letters similar to English but pronounced differently

Letters:          B     C     E            H     P     X        Y
Pronounced:   V     S    YE(Yo)    N     R     KH      OO


Pronounciation Guide

A a - "ahh"
Б б - "beh"
В в - "veh"
Г г - "geh"
Д д - "deh"
Е е - "yeh"
Ё ё - "yo"
Ж ж - "zheh"
З з - "zeh"
И и - "ee" like in see
Й й - "ee krahtkoyeh"
К к - "kah"
Л л - "ehl"
М м - "ehm"
Н н - "ehn"
О о - "oh"
П п - "peh"
Р р - "r" rolled
С с - "ehs"
Т т - "teh"
У у - "oo" boot
Ф ф - "ehf"
Х х - "ch" loch
Ц ц - "ts" sits
Ч ч - "ch" chip
Ш ш - "sh" shut
Щ щ - "sh"+"ch"
Ъ ъ - "hard sign"
Ы ы - "i" ill
Ь ь - "soft sign"
Э э - "eh"
Ю ю - "oo" like in you
Я я - "yah"
Source: The Russian Alphabet by Michael Roxbury


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